Marketing for Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Your business has a great portfolio of solutions and products to sell in a competitive market. How can you translate the marketing messages from vendors and apply them to your verticals? Ricochet B2B can help salespeople work smarter by doing the research for them and helping them have better conversations with IT buyers.

More salespeople is a sure fire way to increase revenue but how can we make them more productive? How much time are they using to complete desk research such as buyer identification and vertical insights.

They’re then spending time tweaking decks, adjusting proposals and building speculative emails. These are all tasks a sales focused marketing arm can take on so that your sales team spend more time with customers and closing deals.

It’s true! Vendors have fantastic marketing resources and databases to help their channel community grow pipeline. The downside is that if every VARs uses their ready made content, the messaging can be blurred about how your business can add value.

We can help take vendor marketing material and adjust to it your own business values and USPs.

Vendors can also be a busy bunch so let us help you utilise their services by managing that relationship for you.

Our monthly packages start from as little as £1000 per month if you want an ongoing marketing partner.

If you just need a hand with putting together some collateral, social media content and more – get in touch for a personalised quote

VARs Marketing Services

Ricochet B2B can provide marketing consultancy to help enhance conversations your salespeople are having with clients to close deals faster.

Research & Insight

In depth buyer research to find out what your customers’ goals are and how your services and solutions can help achieve them.

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Inbound Marketing

Activity and content to help buyers view your business as a strategic partner as well as encourage them through various stages of the buying cycle.

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Sales Enablement

Arming salespeople with collateral and insight to help enhance conversations. We can also leverage customer satisfaction to help gain market share.

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CASE STUDY: HostedBizz

HostedBizz enlisted RicochetB2B to help grow its pipeline with Cloud and Disaster Recovery opportunities.

Using a carefully crafted Google Ads and SEO strategy, RicochetB2B successfully increased web traffic four fold and delivered over 60 qualified leads. The sales team successfully closed 25 of these with continued support from our content writers.

Increased web traffic