Marketing for SaaS Providers

Whether you’re a Fintech, support provider, workflow system or one of the many other SaaS providers who are delivering software as a service, the key metric is usage. Ricochet B2B can help identify core and alternative use cases for your solution and help educate your customers to accept business change to drive maximum utilisation.

We can also help support aggressive growth targets by helping your business generate leads using inbound marketing.

Customers are a great place to start! Who is using your platform? How has it changed their business?

Let’s get some clear case studies created so we can start shouting about the good work you’re doing.

We can then tailor content, press releases and collateral based on your success.

You have core users of your platform/tool but have you thought about what other areas your product may help with within a business?

For example, if your tool automates data collection, can that be applied to other parts of the company to help generate insights?

Our team can help open these conversations to really understand your customer’s business and how to make your SaaS product as sticky as possible.

Our monthly packages start from as little as £1000 per month if you want an ongoing marketing partner.

If you just need a hand with putting together some collateral, social media content and more – drop us a line for a quick rate.

SaaS Marketing Services

Ricochet B2B can provide marketing consultancy to help generate leads, encourage utilisation and identify potential buyers.

Research & Insight

In a SaaS market, it’s important to not only learn about your buyers and how your solution can help them achieve their goals. You should also keep a watch out on your competitors’ go to market strategies so you can stay one step ahead.

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Inbound Marketing

Creating engaging content for your buyers to help drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

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Sales Enablement

Arming salespeople with collateral and insight to help understand fully how your solution can help specific verticals. We can also help identify key influencers and decision makers to drive the conversation forward.

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Validis enlisted RicochetB2B to help grow their understanding of the buyers and influencers among their key banking accounts.

Using organisational charts, networking and customer success stories. RicochetB2B were successfully able to build a list of key contacts across many different areas of a bank.

This resulted in a string of warm connections and new conversations around the bank to expand usage of their product in other areas.

New use cases
Pieces of account-based marketing content