Marketing for Managed Service Providers

In a competitive and sticky industry its challenging to find new customers and differentiate your business against your competitors. Ricochet B2B can help leverage customer satisfaction to create USPs and generate leads. With more businesses than ever opting to outsource IT services, there is a wealth of opportunity to land and expand your client base – you just need the insight on what buyers need and how your business can help.

More salespeople is a sure fire way to increase revenue but how can we make them more productive? How much time are they using to complete desk research such as buyer identification and vertical insights.

They’re then spending time tweaking decks, adjusting proposals and building speculative emails. These are all tasks a sales focused marketing arm can take on so that your sales team spend more time with customers and closing deals.

People are answering their phones less and less and there is a HUGE amount of competition on digital channels selling the same services and promises.

With margins becoming tighter, MSPs need bigger pipelines in order to remain profitable.

Ensuring you are searchable is vital to survive in these times. Our services can help drive traffic to your site, generate leads and create customers.

Our monthly packages start from as little as £1000 per month if you want an ongoing marketing partner.

If you just need a hand with putting together some collateral, social media content and more – get in touch to see how we can help.

MSP Marketing Services

Here are the services we recommend to help arm your salespeople with the ability to enhance their conversations and close deals.

Research & Insight

In depth buyer research to find out what your customers’ goals are and how your services and solutions can help achieve them.

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Inbound Marketing

Creating engaging content for your buyers to help drive traffic to your website and generate leads.

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Sales Enablement

Arming salespeople with collateral and insight to help enhance conversations. We can also leverage customer satisfaction to help gain market share.

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CASE STUDY: HostedBizz

HostedBizz enlisted RicochetB2B to help grow its pipeline with Cloud and Disaster Recovery opportunities.

Using a carefully crafted Google Ads and SEO strategy, RicochetB2B successfully increased web traffic four fold and delivered over 160 qualified leads. The sales team successfully closed 35 of these with ongoing support from our content writers.

Increased web traffic