Validis was a Fintech that had been around for a little while but were changing their targeting towards lending clients. 

The SaaS provider offers solutions to help lenders and accountants extract financial data on clients directly from their accounting package. This clean and highly secure method of data collection can specifically speed up lending processes and financial audits whilst alerting users to any potential discrepancies within the data.

After acquiring a handful of lending clients, Validis seeked advice on how to grow the account within a large retail banking client.

Client Onboarding Pack

An Introduction to Customer Success

Valdis were also struggling with the digital transformation part of their services. Enabling users who were very used to old fashioned ways of data collection into changing their habits. 

They looked to set Customer Retention at 98% based on users using the product and being delighted with the time that it saved.


Our insight and research helped us understand where IT buyers learnt about new solutions. 

We conducted a digital investigation into what keywords IT buyers were using to search for new services. We also found 100+ online publications that could offer credible and effective backlinks to build the HostedBizz web presence.

Our tools allowed us to review what competitors were doing to get ranked. Using this information, we were able to identify gaps where we could gain more paid and organic traffic to the site.

desk research


Armed with our insight and research we launched a Content, PPC and SEO campaign. 

Working on a month by month basis, we established a number of content campaigns to drive traffic to the website and generate leads via contact forms. We used a mixture of Google Ads, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook to advertise across the web via search and display marketing.

We also posted a number of byline articles across B2B Tech media to help build backlinks and drive more credible traffic to the website.

A Home for Partners

To support HostedBizz Partners and free up the sales team, we built an online portal. 

The portal includes promotional materials, collateral and pricing calculators to help partners serve themselves. This has drastically increased the sales reps’ time to continue following up leads and building their pipeline. We’re working towards more automation where partners will be able to add logos to whitepapers and other marketing assets online.

hostedbizz partner portal


HostedBizz were thrilled to report a four fold increase in web traffic to their website.

This has resulted in  120+ high quality leads and 10 new channel partners joining the roster.

RicochetB2B continues to work as an ongoing partner with HostedBizz delivering lead generation campaigns, valuable content and continual SEO support.