Marketing for VARs

Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Your business has a great portfolio of solutions and products to sell in a competitive market. How can you translate the marketing messages from vendors and apply them to your verticals? Ricochet B2B can help salespeople work smarter by doing the research for them and helping them have better conversations with IT buyers.

  • Over 75% of companies using sales enablement tools indicated that sales increased over the past 12 months
  • Companies with a sales enablement team are 52% more likely to have a sales process that’s tightly aligned with the buyer’s journey
  • 82% of sales managers say sales enablement is becoming more of a focus in their organisation
    (Savo Group)
  • 90% of companies say that their sales and marketing teams are not aligned. Of those, nearly 40% say that disconnect prevents them from effectively closing deals
    (Marketing Profs)

Ricochet B2B can provide marketing consultancy to help enhance conversations your salespeople are having with clients to close deals faster.

Research and Insight

In depth buyer research to find out what your customers’ goals are and how your services and solutions can help achieve them.

Inbound Marketing

Activity and content to help buyers view your business as a strategic partner as well as encourage them through various stages of the buying cycle.

Sales Enablement

Arming salespeople with collateral and insight to help enhance conversations. We can also leverage customer satisfaction to help gain market share.


Beautiful and on-brand design to give your business a recognisable identity. From advertising creatives to a uniformed approach to collateral, Ricochet B2B have you covered.


A plan of action to attack your vertical. We can help you plan who to target, how to target them and how to achieve fantastic ROI.

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