Marketing for SaaS Providers

SaaS Providers

Whether you’re a fintech, support provider, workflow system or one of the many other SaaS providers who are delivering software as a service, the key metric is usage. Ricochet B2B can help identify core and alternative use cases for your solution and help educate your customers to accept business change to drive maximum utilisation. We can also help support aggressive growth targets by helping your business generate leads using inbound marketing.

    • Only 11% of SaaS companies are investing in content marketing
    • 86% of SaaS businesses treat “New Customer Acquisition” as their highest growth priority, both in terms of executive support and funding available.
    • The median startup spends 92% of first year revenue on customer acquisition, taking 11-months to payback their Customer Acquisition Cost
      (Tomasz Tunguz)
    • 41% of SaaS companies list pricing on their website
    • 24% of Saas companies use their blog to educate

Ricochet B2B can provide marketing consultancy to help generate leads, encourage utilisation and identify potential buyers.

Research and Insight

In a SaaS market, its important to not only learn about your buyers and how your solution can help them achieve there goals. You should also keep a watch out on your competitors’ go to market strategies so you can stay one step ahead.

Inbound Marketing

Activity and content to help buyers understand how your solution can transform their processes. We’ll aim to become experts in their field and educate them throughout the buying cycle.

Sales Enablement

Arming salespeople with collateral and insight to help understand fully how your solution can help specific verticals. We can also help identify key influencers and decision makers to drive the conversation forward.


Beautiful and on-brand design to give your business a recognisable identity. From advertising creatives to a uniformed approach to collateral, Ricochet B2B have you covered.


A plan of action to educate prospects about your solution and establish a go to market plan to drive awareness. We’ll identify what content needs to be created and how to deliver to maximise lead generation.

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