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Here at RicochetB2B, we are passionate about technology! Creating it, distributing it and selling it.

Putting sales at the heart of what we do, we work with tech salespeople to deliver marketing services and sales enablement to enhance conversations and close deals.

Whether you are looking for ad-hoc services or a strategic marketing partner, RicochetB2B can scale flexible solutions to suit your needs.


How well do you know your buyer?


Market research and buyer personas form the groundwork for any successful B2B marketing campaign. It helps you to really understand how your products and services can not only help your buyers on a business level but also towards their personal motivations.

Building a true picture of your buyer is more than where they live and their job title. It’s understanding their daily routines, who influences them and what factors (internal or external) are affecting their job or industry. It’s also about understanding the buying processes within their business and how the decision making unit is typically made up.

We work with businesses to help them really understand their customers, competitors and verticals and provide comprehensive documents to assist with planning or sales enablement.

Hardworking creative is not exclusive to consumer industries


Creatives aren’t there to purely look exciting and pretty – they’re there to best support your business ideologies and help guide your customers on a journey with you. Every colour, font, icon and image should capture your prospects’ attention and encourage them to learn more about your services.

At Ricochet B2B, our design team know what works when it comes to creating a uniform for your business. From slide decks to gifs, from e-books to websites – we’ll ensure your business and messaging is communicated in the right way to help achieve your goals.

71% of B2B researchers start their research with a generic search.


….so you need to ensure your business is found! Ricochet B2B follows structured inbound marketing methodologies to identify where a prospect is in the sales cycle and help nurture them with relevant content.

Whether they’re at the awareness stage of their cycle or in final decision stages between you and a competitor, we can provide everything they need to help make a decision and view your business as a credible partner.

Using your website as a key hub, we know how to write content that drives action. That’s why our clients rely on us to plan, create and push out content for their brand, as well as manage social media profiles on their behalf.

Where do you start!?


The task of creating a full B2B marketing strategy can be scary. What are the best channels for our business? What are our key messages going to be? How often do we have to produce content? How will we measure our success?

If you’ve done the work understanding your buyer personas and how your business can help address their pain points, planning can become a lot simpler. If you need a hand, that’s where we come in.

For us, strategy is about learning your market inside out and how your customers buy your services. This teamed with our relentless passion for tech enables us to create  clear lead generation goals and devise the best way to generate ROI from your budget.

82% of B2B decision makers think sales reps are unprepared


The IT buyer is a lot more clued up about the products and services on offer compared to 10-15 years ago where they relied on cold callers, advertising and trade shows to learn about new tech.

Therefore, as well as knowing your solutions well, you also need to be aware of your customers’ industry and how you can help them reach their corporate and personal goals.

An hour a salesperson spends researching a prospect, competitor or vertical is an hour they could spend building relationships or progressing deals. Ricochet B2B aims to free this important time by ensuring they have the arsenal of collateral they need whilst ensuring they’re clued up about who they’re selling to.

Kirsty Callaghan – Founder


Kirsty started her IT sales career selling cloud back in the late noughties (when it was actually an emerging technology!) Since then she has sold IT solutions across legal and financial sectors representing MSPs such as Computacenter and Alternative Networks.

After making the move over to a startup FinTech; selling and marketing data analytics software into banks, Kirsty recognised a need for sales led marketing strategies. Recognising complex verticals, pain points and cultures was a challenge throughout her career and she wanted to support salespeople overcome these obstacles to close deals.

After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, Kirsty founded Ricochet B2B to help IT businesses generate leads, enhance their conversations and close deals.

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